Jesse Matlock's
1971 Plymouth Cuda Striker

So my phone rings the other night and it's Tom Smith from the Discovery Channel show "Misfit Garage."  Now when Tom calls you just have to answer the phone... you never know WHAT it might be.  So I answer and he says, "I have someone here you need to speak to!"  I said "okay" and he and he hands the phone to Jesse Matlock. 

In a nut shell the conversation was about bringing the car seen above to the Armed Forces Day Music Festival!  That's right folks, THIS CAR, a car featured at SEMA in Las Vegas... a car featured in NUMEROUS magazines, websites and more... THIS CAR... that recently won the title of "Worlds Ultimate Mopar in Las Vegas in the Modified category.  Basically... this car is worth $300,000 and it will be in Elmer Thomas Park 20 May 2017!


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